Hey guys so I made a new blog I’ll use from now on and you should all follow it!


Just like my PSN, so if you have a ps3, add me on that 

Hey so is my first time actually on Tumblr in like a month.

I’m sure you all missed me so much :p anyway I don’t know how much I’ll be on, I’ve been really busy with life I guess. Anyway, I figured I’d post something haha.

Also, Comic-Con was a ton of fun!

Summer Blog: Day 31

Forewarning: I am a little tipsy right now so if something doesn’t make sense, blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol. Aside from doing the best serve I have ever done this morning in tennis, today I went to a family gathering with Alan’s family. I literally knew nobody there except for Alan and his parents. It really wasn’t as terribly awkward as many of you may expect, but that’s probably because I’m a very social person. After getting some grub (I broke pescetarian to have some catered tacos), Alan and I ended up unintentionally bartending for the night. We were standing behind the bar, and it started with us politely asking people what they wanted to drink, and turned into us actually bartending the party. A bunch of people thought we were hired to bartend the occasion and we made a couple bucks off tips as well. It was a really neat experience and I definitely wouldn’t mind doing it again. We made one connection with this girl Jennifer who asked if we would bartend any parties she had, and we said “of course.” Anyway, I”m going to sleep now but if you have any questions about this post, ask away!

Goodnight my loves!

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